Sunday, March 6, 2011

BEWARE: Buying Cosmetics Online(ebay, amazon, etc.)

Everyone nowadays is looking for some type of discount on the things they normally buy anyways. Like fake Channel and Coach purses, fake Jordans, fake designer anything is being sold from overseas, fake cosmetics have been popping up everywhere! A great rule of thumb is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. In the past I've looked at products online but have never actually purchased because I was afraid of getting duped! I have looked up MAC brush sets that seemes to have ALL the brushes for a good price as well. After hours of research, comparing the brushes, and talking to the MAC counter, we agreed that they were more than likely NOT real MAC brushes. Same goes for eyeshadow pallets, lip gloss sets, etc. Just because it has the label doesnt mean its the real deal. Generally I stay away from EBay, amazon, and other sites like that offering discounts. I would rather pay the full price from the actual MAC/Urban Decay website knowing its the real thing and saving myself alot of research time.

But if you feel the need to give it a try, here are some guidelines for not getting screwed:
1. Always, ALWAYS ask questions, especially if you are concerned.
2. Buy only "New in Package"(NIP) products. If its not in its original packaging, RUN!
3. Always check seller reviews
4. If you do find a ligitimate person selling REAL cosmetics, I would continue to buy from the same people, that way you know already know the quality.
5. If you ever feel unsure about a transaction or get a "fishy" feeling, listen to your gut and pass on the product.

Remember, it isnt REALLY a good deal if you buy fake products! And because these products are being replicated overseas, you really dont know whats in them or the quality of them! You or the person you apply makeup on could have a bad reaction to a chemical they used in the product. Remember like fake purses, they are not using high quality materials to cut costs, thats why they are able to sell them so cheap.

Be good to your face, and it will love you back! Beware the online sellers and dont get duped! Like I said, if it doesnt feel right, walk away!