Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TSA to Lift Regulations on Flying with Liquids!

Beauty Junkies rejoice! TSA administrator John Pistole just told the Chicago Tribune that we’ll all soon be able to fly with all of the liquids our hearts could desire!

The moment I book a flight for a job in LA or a weekend getaway my first thought is "How will I fly with my makeup kit? Or How am I going to narrow down (and down sizing to 3.4 ounces!) my beauty products?" The agony of having to check my liquids while carrying on the rest of my makeup kit on board or scrutinizing my favorite beauty products and WAY over stuffing that clear plastic bag will soon end!

While we don’t know an exact date for when the change will take place, we know that only those enrolled in TSA Pre-Check will reap the benefits first. For now, we’ll be waiting on pins and needles until we can carry on as much hairspray as our hair desires!