Friday, September 30, 2011

The right shade of RED LIPSTICK for you!

Red lipstick is a classic staple that should be in everyones makeup bag! But how do you know which SHADE of RED is best for you and your skin tone? And believe me is makes a HUGE difference.

Knowing which shade of red is best for your Skin Tone is KEY:

Fair Skin: Should lean more towards a coral-y red or any red color with orange and pink undertones work really well.
Medium Skin: Has the most red options! Anything from true red and pinky to cranberry undertones will compliment your skins warm undertones
Dark Skin: Look best in red lips with berry colored undertones. Try a burgundy or warm brick red color but make sure not to go too bright!

For suggestions on lipsticks for each skin tone click here

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Say Hello to Shellac nails!

One of the newest nail trends gaining momentum in 2011 is Shellac Nails. Ever heard of them?

Not a fan of regular manicures, but don’t want to ruin your nails with acrylics or gel nails? You might be saying Shellac, hmm what is this exactly? Shellac is a cross between gel nails and traditional nail polish. It gets applied like regular nail polish, but dries like a gel. Shellac gives your manicure a little more stability than the usual manicure, allowing it to last longer.

Shellac manicures take slightly more time because after each coat you have to put your hand under UV light. You are not getting as much UV light as you do with gels or acrylics. It is totally worth the few extra minutes, because immediately after you take your hand out of the UV light for the last time, your manicure is completely dry. Unfortunately, you can only receive a Shellac manicure at a salon; you cannot do it yourself from home. Salons everywhere are starting to offer this service. It is about 50% more in price, but will last twice as long as your regular manicure(anywhere from 2-3 weeks without chipping!)

BEWARE: You nails will grow out and cutucles will probably start showing around the 2 week mark depending on how fast your nails grow. You will also need to go back into the salon on order to have them removed as its is pretty difficult to do yourself

Right now, there are still a limited number of colors: shades of pink, red and brown. When I went in I decided that with fall fast approaching I would do one more last BRIGHT color and opted for hot pink! Next time I go back in, I'll be doing French Shellac.

My Thoughts:
So far, I'm really loving the shellac! My nails feel very durable and I even got a cute little design on one finger on each hand! I love that it feels like gel nails but without having to having to ruin your nails! So far, I feel thats its very worth the price, especially if you're into acylic or gel nails!