Friday, May 20, 2011

Your guide to sunless tanners!

Beware of orange snooki glows and streaking! Choosing the right sunless tanner that wont leave you looking like a Jersey Shore cast member is important. lol.

Step by Step Guide to applying self tanner:

1. Prepare your body by showering, exfoliating(you can use a scrub for this or just a washcloth).
2. Dry your entire body thoroughly!
3. Now would be a good time to dry your hair as well! Think about it, you dont want any water dripping from your hair down your back and causing streaking!
4. Use gloves to avoid orange hands
5. Try circular motions instead of straight up-and-down, especially on your legs.
6. GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME! Ideally you should not put any street clothes on for at least 2 hours. Definitely no exercising, cleaning, or doing anything that will make you sweat for a few hours.
7. Avoid rain, showering, washing hands, or coming into contact with water in general for at least 12-24 hours.
8. Maintain your tan using a lotion that doesnt contain alcohol.

Recommended products:

Worth the money: St. Tropez self tanning products ranging from $30-$40. My favorite is the mousse! You can find it at

Bargain Brand: I absolutely love Jergens Natural Glow Foam for $6-$10 (depending on where you buy it)

Lotion to extend your tan: My favorite is Nivea Body Essential Enriched Lotion

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