Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

Every wedding has, on average, 10 (or MORE) different vendors! From catering, to the venue, flowers, wedding planner, photographer , hair and makeup team, there are so many important vendors that mak a special day for someone! If your vendors went above and beyond to create a truly magical day for you and you husband, then give them thanks by showing your appreciation! 

Tell them exactly what they did that you loved. 
After all of those emails, calls, brainstorming sessions, and, yes, the times that they saved your behind, express how much you appreciate them with a heartfelt card. Pay it forward by writing a positive review online, if you were happy with their services!

As a wedding vendor myself, the reason I love working with my bridal clients is because I'm such a huge part of their special day! As a makeup artist I know how important it is to a bride to look and feel confident in person and for photos, and when a bride really loves her look it fuels my passion more! I love to hear back from my clients!

Give vendors a shout-out in your toast. 
If you plan on saying a few words to welcome or thank guests at the wedding reception, mention all of the vendors who helped make your night (or day) a success!

Send them a photo with a thank you note.
If you send them a little thank you note and testimonial of their services, include a professional photo of you and your groom(possibly with them incorporated?)! Like with the DJ, or a photo of your hairstylist working on that gorgeous wedding hairstyle you had!) They will love to remember their clients and can share it with other future brides and grooms!

Tip them...a little extra.
Of course, this is a given, but if a particular wedding vendor really wow-ed you and went the extra mile, give them a little extra! Not sure which vendors to tip and how much? The Knot has a great cheat sheet to Tipping your Wedding Vendors!

Whether you do one or more of these, just make sure to thank the people who worked the hardest to make your special day as magical as it was! Enjoy these 25 Ways to Give Thanks at Your Wedding for even more ways to be thankful!


Lisa Teller | Makeup Artist

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