Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Makeup Bag Overhaul: Spring Cleaning!

Does your makeup bag need a MAJOR overhaul? When your doing your spring cleaning this year, dont forget to clean out your makeup bag! Some cosmetics should be replaced frequently, some dry out, or even expire - these are not things you want to be spreading on your face! Here's a quick guide of what to look out for to keep clean and organized cosmetics!

I suggest you start by emptying out the contents of your makeup bag(s). This way you can easily see all the cosmetics you own including the things that have been buried and forgotten! 
Things to throw out:
-Toss anything you no longer use! If you haven't used it in the last 3 months its time to go, make room for new cosmetics you'll actually use!
-Toss out duplicates. Do you have more than 3 black eyeliners? Do you really need them all, in the same color?
-Toss out your mascara! Especially if you have sensitive eyes, you should buy a new mascara every month.
-Toss out anything that is broken or dried out! Its just taking up space!

Toss out ALL old Sunscreen! Sunscreen expires every year and the ingredients are no longer effective in protecting your skin from the sun! This includes all sunscreen sprays and lotions, and any products containing SPF like, moisturizers, primers, BB Creams, foundations, etc. 

Now that you've gone through your bag and gotten rid of some things, give the remaining cosmetics you wish to keep a wipe down including both the inside and outside of your makeup bag. This will clean up anything that may have spilled (or exploded!) or left over powders!
To Sanitize your makeup: fill a travel sized spritzer ($1 at any drugstore) with rubbing alcohol (min. 70%). Then spray (somewhat generously) any pressed powders including blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, and even your mascara wand. The rubbing alcohol will not damage the integrity of the makeup and will dry in about 90 seconds.

Examine your makeup brushes, can you remember the last time you cleaned them?! If not you definitely need to read my blog on cleaning your makeup brushes!

Don't get this far and just dump everything back into the bag(s). When you're rushing and pressed for time the last thing you need to be searching for is your favorite lipstick! Being organized will help those hectic mornings, cut down on your "getting ready" time, and get you out the door faster when your already behind.

There are a few ways to do this depending on which you like best and how much makeup you have:

One simple way is to separate your cosmetics into two piles (two bags). The first would be all the makeup you need to complete one every day look! This includes every thing including foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc. All the extra colors of eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, etc and any other extra cosmetics in another bag. That way the necessities are easily reached and you can even grab it and toss in your purse in a pinch. The other bag is something you can use when you have some more time to dedicate to your look!

If you have a ton of makeup, like me, then you can categorize it by type of product. I have all makeup for eyes in one bag, all makeup for face in another, lipsticks in another, etc. I kind of tend to create my look as I go along, so having all my options in one place works best for me! 

Happy Cleaning! I hope you find yourself more organized and happy! 

Lisa Teller | Makeup Artist

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