Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wedding Trends 2013

Since 2013 is here and wedding season is coming into full swing, lets talk about the trends you’ll be seeing a lot of this year. From vintage and retro inspired dresses (think lace, patterns and peplums that nod to the 40’s) to jazz-age glamour (think Great Gatsby inspired beading, fringe, and tiers of texture) this year is looking very fashionable! Throw in some gorgeous bridal beauty trends (like top knot, structured, buns) mixed with the fun fashionable boho-chic décor trends (like mint green and chevron patterns) and you’ve got some incredibly fashionable styling trends to choose from!

Vintage and boho-chic not only transcend fashion but to hair and makeup trends as well! We’ll be seeing lots of more structured buns like top knot buns as well as the romantic up-do’s. What we wont be seeing much of this year are veils! Replacing the veils are some fabulous hair accessories trends like beading and feathers, even the bohemian flower crown is making a come-back!

Similar and complimentary trends can be seen with makeup as well. Soft and subdued makeup looks are going to be trending this bridal season, especially in the spring! We’ll see smooth, flawless, bronzed skin, and makeup that features the most beautiful characteristics of each bride!

2013 brings a new twist to the no makeup-makeup look. Emphasis is put on the skin so that the skin appears flawless yet also appears to be bare and lightly bronzed. The idea is to bring out your best facial features with light contouring. Colors are natural and warm with the entire face appearing to be wearing little or no makeup at all. This look is recommended for modern brides with good skin and bone structure or brides who often wear little to no makeup on a daily basis.

Following the vintage/retro trends, we’ll also continue to see winged-eyeliner and pops of color on the lips for spring. This 2013 bridal makeup trend is all about concentrating on just one feature on the face. So, if you have beautiful eyes then show them off but remember to keep the rest of the face subtle with light nude lips and just barely there blush. If you've been blessed with gorgeous full lips then show them off instead! This look is recommended for brides who like to wear makeup but want to keep their look modern.

2013 is looking to be one of the most fashionable years ever for brides! Whatever your style is, there is sure to be a fashionable wedding trend to fall in love with. Whether you’re a classic or adventurous bride there are plenty of stylish trends to fit your needs this 2013!


Lisa Teller | Makeup Artist

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  1. 2018's bridal makeup trend is a bit on the natural side though. Less heavy makeup and more on natural looks and more on lipsticks.