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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes & Tools!

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them can make a huge difference in your makeup application and technique but it can be a daunting task! What are your options? What do you need? Let's go over the different brushes and tools for each application!

Makeup Brushes

Below is a simple guide of brushes broken up into the top 5 essential brushes, the top 5 additional brushes to have on hand, and 5 travel brushes for on the go(throw it in your purse for touch-ups!) The brushes with kisses are my personal favorites and the ones I use most often!

Essential Brushes
1. Powder Brush - It's a wonderfully versatile brush that can be used with any powder! Use with your setting powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and even contour. HINT: When using this brush in smaller areas, such as contouring, you can hold/smash the hairs between your fingers to create a smaller blending brush.

2. Foundation Brush - Use to apply your foundation, moisturizer, or other skin products.

3. Eye Shadow Brush - Essential brush for applying and blending eye shadow.

4. Concealer Brush - Obviously for use with concealer! Its perfect for concealing those small blemishes or for concealing your under-eye area.

5. Angled Eyeliner Brush - Another versatile brush! Can be used to apply gel/liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, and even for eye brows. HINT: Use dry with eye shadow for a smudged liner or use damp with eye shadow for a more refined line if eye liner isn't available. HINT #2: Use this brush to fill in your eye brows with an eye shadow color that is most like your eye brows natural color (or slightly darker for a sharper look)!

Additional Brushes That Are Good to Have on Hand!
1. Smudge Brush - Great for blending out hard lines or creating a smokey eye by blending out the black eyeliner.

2. Small Shader Brush - It's almost like a larger smudger brush. Can be used to blend eye shadow, eyeliner, or to get into the tear duct area.

3. Crease Brush (Fluffy Dome Brush) - My absolute favorite eye shadow brush! I can use this brush to apply and blend all eye shadow colors. Use to apply and blend color on the crease, under the brow bone, or all over the lid! HINT: You can even use this for shading on the face!

4. Contour Brush - Another favorite of mine! Can be used for contouring cheeks or applying and blending blush!

5. Brow Groomer Brush - Comb can be used to brush out lashes before mascara and during application and the hard bristles on the other side can be used for brushing out eyebrows. HINT: The hard bristles can also be used on the lashes to help de-clump when too much mascara has been applied!

Additional Tools
Some other tools you might want to have on hand:

There are some other great alternatives to traditional makeup application using brushes! 

Airbrush Machine

If it's just for a special event, like a wedding, I just suggest hiring a professional who can do airbrush. If you're thinking about investing in a machine, they do make consumer-friendly ones, like Temptu sold at Sephora. In the end it could actually save you on the cost of makeup because you only use a few drops!

Beauty Blender Sponge

A great tool when used wet for blending out foundation lines and creating a faux airbrush finish! Although the video showing how it works claims the sponge doesn't absorb makeup, I find that I have to use a little more product - however I still love it!

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