Sunday, May 5, 2013

FAQ | Hair DO's and Hair DONT's

As a full-time hairstylist in a high end area, I feel like I’ve heard it all.  I thought I’d compile all the most asked questions to give you the 411 and leave more time to chat about the important stuff with your stylist- like your last date, your new shoes and your plans this weekend J

Q: My curls never seem to last! What am I doing wrong?

A: As a general guideline, prepping with great products is always a must!  Using a flexable hold mousse on wet hair before drying is a great way to build in a foundation of hold without feeling like your hair is crunchy.  My favorite is Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream Whip.  The product itself feels rich and creamy, and smells fantastic! It leaves your hair feeling soft, but gives it the hold it will need to keep your curls where you want them!

Q: I want to grow my hair long, so I shouldn’t get it cut for the next few months, right?

A: WRONG! Trimming your split ends is the best thing you can do to help maintain healthy hair, and to allow it to grow.  When women go months without trimming their unhealthy ends, those ends will break off on their own! This will leave an uneven perimeter in your haircut, which leaves you with scraggly ends- yuck!  When client’s come in for a cut while growing out their length, I call it a “dusting” of their ends- between ¼’ and ½’ is just enough to maintain a healthy head of hair, and still grow out those lucious locks!

Q: What can I do to protect my hair from all the fun in the sun I have planned for the summer?

A: Worrying about your hair’s health is no reason to pass on a fun daytrip to the beach!  Laying out in the sun or taking a dip in the poor is what summer is all about, but don’t forget about your hair while your enjoying that sunshine!  Before jumping in, whether it’s the pool or the deep blue sea, make sure to prep your hair- Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max is a lightweight spray-in product that is made for sun protection and leave in conditioning.  They even come in travel sizes- perfect to toss into your carry-on, on your way to your fun in the sun! 

Hope this answers some of your biggest hair care questions! With all the products, tools and techniques out there, it can be overwhelming trying to sort out what makes the most sense for you.  

Feel free to email Jen with any other questions you might have- I’m happy to help any heads of hair in need! 

Jen Hatcher | Hairstylist

Jen Hatcher is a hairstylist of many talents - she loves seeing her client's faces light up when they look in the mirror and is especially passionate about bridal hairstyling! Whether it's bride's bobs, layers, or lowlights, she's happiest when her hands are in some hair!
Jen takes clients in a great salon in Downtown Pleasanton, CA and is currently booking for the 2013/2014 wedding seasons. 

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