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Boudoir in the San Francisco Bay Area

I have been beautifying the "everyday" woman or bridal client for boudoir photoshoots for years! I have to say, its one or my favorite types of photoshoots to do! While I love transforming my bride's, boudoir looks are so much more dramatic and fun! I really enjoy bringing a client's inner beauty out to make them feel so glamorous! 

Boudoirs are really about empowering the every day woman to feel glamorous, beautiful, and sexy! 

I am not a perfect person, no one is really. We all at one point or another had self doubt, an imperfect body image, and negative things effect us. I truly believe an empowered woman is one of the most powerful forces! You are gorgeous, so free yourself of negativity, liberate yourself, and feel empowered!


What is a boudoir photoshoot like?
I've worked with several different boudoir photographers and their guidelines are all pretty much the same. It's all about what you are comfortable with! Any professional boudoir photographer will explain beforehand to go over the different options ranging from lingerie to nude and talk about your comfort level! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!

How should you prepare?
Of course, having some nice lingerie is ideal! If you are spending the money to have a professional photographer take gorgeous pictures of you, wearing your everyday T-shirt bra and mismatched underwear just wont do! (Unless thats your theme!) If you are going a theme, I've seen cute ideas regarding their husbands (or fiancĂ©'s/boyfriends!) occupations like firefighters, construction workers, etc.

Are you getting your hair and makeup professionally done? Like with any special event involving this type of photography I highly suggest leaving it to a trained hand! Besides, it's part of the glamorous feel of the whole thing!

My Boudoir Packages
I offer two different boudoir packages based on your needs! The first, is a one look on-sight hair and makeup application! I will come to the boudoir photography location to do your hair and makeup, including the airbrush makeup and false lashes! This will give you that VA-VA-VOOM and sexy confidence to kind of get into character for this photoshoot! I then leave after the application to keep you comfortable.

The second option includes the initial look listed above but also includes touch-ups and hair/makeup look changes for the duration of your photoshoot. Not only does it include all the hair and makeup application, touch ups, and changes, but I will also help you with your wardrobe and accessories. Additionally I work with the photographer to help with posing your body in flattering ways!

San Francisco Boudoir Photographers

While most wedding photographers also offer boudoir photography, the options below represent who I've worked with on boudoirs and have a great working relationship with! 

Adeline & Grace Photography -

Ian Chin Photography - www.

Karla Bravo Photography -

Remember that you are beautiful, have fun, and empower yourself!


Lisa Teller | Makeup Artist

Lisa Teller is a professional makeup artist specializing in airbrush makeup in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is extremely passionate about each of her bridal clients and is currently booking for 2013/2014.
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