Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extra, Extra! Read all about it: Newspaper nails and my favorite summer nail trends!

Newspaper Nails:

I'm loving this nail trend and its actually really easy to do! If you're like me, you cant afford to be in the nail salon every week but LOVE the all the chic nail trends you've been seeing everywhere - and this is a super chic and different look you can actually create easily at home! I did mine yesterday and they look FABULOUS!

What you'll need:
  • A base nail polish color, I recommend a neutral color so you can see the black print clearly! I used "Like Linen" by Essie, its a creamy, off-white color similar to actual the paper that newspapers are printed on!
  • Rubbing alcohol - 70-95% - I used 70% and it worked just fine!
  • 10 Cut out Newspaper strips - large enough to cover your nail entirely.
  • Top coat nail polish
Go ahead and apply a base polish(if you choose) and then 2 coats of your base color polish.
Make sure the nails have dried COMPLETELY before moving to the next step! I waited an hour just to be sure.
Dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds then dip the newspaper strip in the alcohol.
Apply the newspaper strip to your nail and push down until it dries, about 20-30 seconds.
Remove newspaper and voila! Apply top coat polish to lock in the ink!

Other Summer Nail Trends I'm lovin'!

White nails are super hot this summer! A stark contrast to glowing skin, white nails are a beautiful way to bring out a tan in summer! Make sure you buy a polish that is thick enough to completely cover your nail. A translucent hue just won't look that good. 

I'm also loving bright colors this summer! Warm colors like pale yellows and corals and cool tones like blues are hot summer nail trends!

Happy nail painting ladies!

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