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Bridal Prep Timeline: The secrets to a stress-free wedding morning!

The secret to a stress-free wedding morning lies in the prep and scheduling! Make sure to talk to your specific vendors as their ideal timeline may vary!

Morning Prep: When you wake up take some time to organize your things while you make some coffee. If you've stayed at a hotel with some bridesmaids, you'll want to make sure everyone has a pile of their things. Pull out everything you'll need that day too, including your veil, shoes, and accessories. You'll also want to pull out your wedding dress from it's bag and hang it up to air out and release some wrinkles. For the bride, pack a bag of emergency items to take with you along with anything you may need at the venue later, i.e. change of shoes, second outfit/dress, and anything you'll need for your wedding night if you aren't returning to the same room. Taking some time to organize early in the day will make it less stressful later and you'll also know early in the day if you are missing anything and need someone to run out and pick something up before it's too late. It will also create a de-cluttered space for your photographer when they arrive!

Breakfast: Don't forget to schedule some time for you and your bridal party to get a good breakfast meal in! You have a long day ahead of you and you'll need the energy.

Bride's Makeup: 45 - 60 minutes

Bride's Hair: Approx. 45 - 60 minutes - Depending on the hairstyle you've selected your stylist may want to prep your hair by curling and pinning them up to cool and set in the beginning.

Bridal Party Makeup: 30 - 45 minutes each. I personally schedule 40 minutes per person, however, am usually done closer to 30 minutes and I always over schedule time in the beginning and end! It's better to be done early!

Bridal Party Hair: 30 - 45 minutes each.

Bridal Parties of more than 4: If you would like to cut down on the prep time your stylists should be able to bring assistants to help speed up the getting ready portion of the day! This will be an additional cost, however, is well worth it if you have a tight schedule or a large bridal party! Generally, if the bridal party has about 6+ I will require an assistant to come help.

*If you are traveling to a salon for these services, schedule at least DOUBLE the time and include travel time just in case!

The order of services: The bride should be as close to last as possible for hair and makeup. It's best to prep the bride first for hair(as mentioned above) and makeup and then let her relax with everyone and allowing the final two hours to finish styling. This is also ideal for photographers if you will be having any "getting ready" shots done, see below.

Lunch? Don't forget to eat or at least snack! This might be your last opportunity to eat before the reception at dinner! Even if you have butterflies eating a little something is better than your stomach growling at the altar! 

Getting Dressed: Don't forget to schedule time to get into your dresses! I usually schedule 30 mins (especially for corset back dresses, they are a bit tricky!) for dressing time for the bride and her bridesmaids before the time they need to leave for the church/venue. Having that extra time can be very helpful when a bridesmaid can't find her shoes and gives everyone else not returning to the room a chance to finish packing up their things!

"Getting ready photos": Each photographer has their own style and operates differently so I can't speak for each one, my advice is based on my experience and has worked out well with our beauty timelines. If you are planning to have the photographer do any "getting ready photos", ideally as hair and makeup artists, we know it's best for the photographer to arrive during the bride's hair and makeup session. When the bride is closer to being finished is the best time to capture the moment and makes for more flattering photos. This also gives your photographer plenty of time to capture the details — gown, shoes, jewelry, etc. — including the moments of mom helping the bride with her dress, the hustle and bustle of the room, and the often emotional interactions between the bride and her bridesmaids and parents! 

The veil: You'll want to secure your veil after your dress is on (or before for some great shots!) and you may want to ask your hairstylist to stick around to help you secure it.

Travel: Don't forget to schedule travel time to your ceremony space! Depending on the location, it can be 10 mins away or sometimes it can take 30 mins or more to reach the location! You'll also want to make sure that if you'll be arriving before the ceremony for photos that you have time to get tucked away before guests start to arrive!

Pre-ceremony photos or First looks: A lot of times photographers will want to do some pre-ceremony photos on location! Usually they are in smaller groups, i.e. bride with family, bride and bridesmaids, bride alone, etc. Recently, many couples opt to do a "first look" where the groom is surprised by his bride before the ceremony and reactions are photographed! This also gives an opportunity to do some pre-ceremony photos of the bride and groom and cuts down on the photos left to do during cocktail hour! Again, each photographer varies in style, so always ask how your photographer operates! 

Again each vendor's specific timeline and ideas may vary, but this is a great example on how to create a stress-free wedding morning!

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